Aliens Fire

Aliens Fire 1.8

Aliens, ovnis, épicas batallas con multitud de enemigos, si te gusto el legendario Asteroids, Aliens Fire te apasionara.

Aliens, ufos, epic battles with a lot of enemies, if you liked legendary Asteroids game, Aliens Fire will passionate you.

Aliens Fire is an exciting shooting arcade game style where you'll have to fly your ship through the space, in an intergalatic trip in the deep of the legendary universe, in a far, far away galaxy, facing waves of aliens enemy, in a unique experience fighting the terryfing Darth alien race.

An epic adventure with an simple mechanic incredible and highly addictive. Fly, explore the galaxy, elusive and shoot to the asteroids, destroy unique enemy ships in new battle fields and avoid the galactic threat of the Darth evil empire.

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Aliens Fire


Aliens Fire 1.8

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    Realmente un juego muy entretenido que me recuerda a los juegos que jugaba .
    Realmente un juego muy entretenido ...   Más